Sunday, August 21, 2011

London Riots – A bird’s Eye View

“Everyone watching these horrific actions will be struck by how they were organized via social media -Free flow of information can be used for good. But it can also be used for ill”. British Prime Minister David Cameron says that the British government is, seeking to prevent a repeat of riots and looting in London and other British cities this week, might bar suspected troublemakers from using social media and other digital communications tools.
This clip shows a women who was caught on camera trying on trainers she had apparently just looted from a sports shop has been arrested after The Daily Telegraph found her identity. . She clearly belongs to the class that I am mentioning above.
TV, newspapers and social media has extensively reported on London riots. Britons are criticizing the government, but is it really the British government  is responsible for these riots? I believe that a deeper analysis is needed to understand the reasons. It seems like the rioting in London wasn’t politically driven or for any cause, other than may be stealing or smashing, but the whole events depicts that there was something wrong,  Is that really, one man getting shot causes people around the entire city (and even other cities) to start acting like this. Fact is that riots were erupted in the economically deprived areas of London that spread in other parts including Birmingham.  And most of the perpetrates were young men. These youths were just interested in opportunistic looting and getting free stuff. They assaulted members of their own communities and broke into shops in their communities.
Recent statistics highlights that; there are almost a million unemployed people in Britain with young people in London face unemployment of 23%, Without a doubt, with the increase in unemployment it is rigorously effecting dysfunctional families so such circumstances has resulted in indulging youth in performing such economic crimes.
The rioters were not breaking down governmental offices or assaulting politicians, because this was n’t a political riot. It was an excuse to get a big mass of people to outnumber the police and steal lots of posh goods which otherwise they could not afford .
No doubt those arrested should get the punishment, but when they come of jail what is the guarantee that they will have more anger and not commit such an act if not collectively, individually. Also there are many others who escaped and thousands who continue to unemployed. Is n’t this the right time for British Parliamentarians to focus on micro enterprise and micro finance and provide entrepreneurship opportunities to the youth.

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